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Owner/Head Instructor

Louis McKay is a fourth degree black belt with 20 years of martial arts training and 19 years as an instructor. He is a 2x World Champion in both Sparring (2015) and Traditional Forms (2000); he is also a National, District, and State Champion. Mr. McKay is a Nationally Certified Instructor through the American TaeKwonDo Association (ATA) which is a rigorous program that requires many hours of training.  Mr. McKay was recognized as the trainee instructor of the year for the state of Texas for his level of professionalism and contribution to the students in the ATA . Mr. McKay is a graduate of the ATA’s University program of Instructor preparation for school ownership and management and is achieving his dream of owning a TaeKwonDo school.

In addition to being an instructor for the ATA, Mr. McKay was also an instructor for Kickstart Kids for 10 years. KSK is a non-profit organization started by Grand Master Chuck Norris in 1992. It was started by Grand Master Norris to help at risk youth in the Texas public school systems allowing students to take “Karate” in lieu of P.E. The program was a great opportunity for Mr. McKay to learn more about martial arts and gain valuable teaching experience.  Mr. McKay worked hard to be the difference in the lives of the students he taught daily. He was later promoted to the Kickstart Kids Central Texas Supervisor and managed 8 schools in Pflugerville, Bryan, College Station and Navasota. Kickstart Kids was an amazing time in Mr. McKay’s life, but his ultimate dream was to open a Taekwondo school of his own.

Mr. McKay is very passionate about helping others obtain their goals and leading and developing his students in an effort to surpass their perceived limitations to become the best martial arts athletes they can be. Under his instruction he has led many of his students to win numerous World Championship Titles, National, District and State Titles.  Martial arts has made a huge and positive impact on Mr. McKay’s life. He wishes to continue the ripple effect TaeKwonDo has had in his life and give it back to others.