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Hyper Pro Training

Hyper Martial Arts signifies the transition of martial arts from the traditional towards the contemporary. having evolved from an ancient form of self-defense, the modern martial arts movement is now more sport and entertainment, while still remaining true to the time-honored principles of Honor, Discipline, integrity, and Respect. Hyper is a fusion of all martial arts styles, blended together with performance arts, high-flying acrobatic maneuvers. However, Hyper cannot exist without and as an extension of traditional martial arts. It is designed to enhance the traditional with more speed, power, presentation, and performance value. At the basic levels, Hyper Martial Arts is used as a tool to develop Life and Leadership Skills. At the high end, students can reach elite levels, compete on the international stage, and even go head-to-head with hollywood’s Elite!


The evolution of Hyper has occurred at the grass-roots level, and its potential in today’s modern market has only begun to be tapped. There are fifty million martial arts participants worldwide, nine million of those in the United States, with roughly 25,000 martial arts schools in the U.S. alone. More children study martial arts in the U.S. than play Little League, and millions more are exposed to martial art everyday through print ads, commercials, video games, television, film, and the internet. The public is inundated with Matrix, Power Rangers, Jackie chan, and Jet Li style action. The appeal of hyper us simple. Give the public what they want but can’t currently get. They see Hyper Martial Arts in the mainstream media but get “Karate Kid” martial arts in the schools. The see cool, high-style performance costumes and apparel in the movies but get their Dad’s old karate robe to wear to practice. There has never been a place to learn this style of martial art~ until NOW!




Why should I take Fight Club?


Fight Club gives both non martial artists and martial artists the opportunity to train hard and better themselves. For the non martial artist this class is a great workout and the participant will learn how to protect themselves earning new techniques and combinations weekly. For the martial artists, this class will push you to dig deep into your workout and keep you current on your skill sets. you can’t lose when you are part of our Fight Club